Monday 16 November 2020

Film Alert 101 has a sixth birthday - Popular posts over the last year


Youssef Chahine


Over 700,000 page views and another birthday. The year saw almost a triple dead heat but finally controversy beat out authority and cinephilia to record a narrow victory.

The two most popular posts over 2019/20 were. (Click to read).

Tom Ryan on MIFF's caving in to the forces of darkness


David Stratton giving his thoughts on MIFF's decision

Followed by

Peter Hourigan alerting us to Netflix screening a large chunk of Youssef Chahine's master cinema

and followed by 

Karl Quinn's response to Tom and David

But getting back to more regular pursuits, other popular posts, not in any order especially because I left out the immensely popular items abusing Australia Post and allowing the film censors and the punishers and straighteners to make themselves look ridiculous, were:

David Hare on a new Hitchcock boxset in UHD 4K

Margot Nash introduces UN FLIC at the Jean-Pierre Melville season at the Ritz 

Adrian Martin's five Cinephilic things of 2019

John Baxter's retrieval of the first sci-fi musical JUST IMAGINE

Jane Mills introduces the Jean-Pierre Melville season at the Ritz

A link to Andrei Tarkovsky's film school short version of THE KILLERS

Rod Bishop's review of Warwick Thornton's THE BEACH 

Barrie Pattison finds DAY OF THE OWL on YouTube 

.... and rising fast up the ladder with a bullet from a standing start just this week...

Janice Tong on Claude Sautet and LES CHOSES DE LA VIE 

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