Thursday 29 March 2018

Bill Mousoulis launches a new website - PURE SHIT AUSTRALIAN CINEMA

Bill Mousoulis
The indefatigable Bill Mousoulis has done it again. This time he has launched a terrific new website devoted to alternative Australian cinema. 

Bill announced it on Facebook thusRelease of my new website Pure Shit Australian Cinema. Articles by or on Adrian Martin, Ben Kooyman, Mike Retter, Adrian DanksDirk De Bruyn, Ivan Gaal, David KingJake Thomas WilsonTom CowanAngelo SalamancaSaidin SalkicMatthew Victor PastorMarie Craven and Chris Luscri.

Bill's initial assembly has a series of buttons with titles like “The alternate canon of ‘great Australian films’”, “Upending the canon” and “Obscure but worthy films”. 

Adrian Martin
Then there is a republication of an essay by Adrian Martin written for the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema in 2003 to accompany a retrospective of ‘alternative Australian cinema which Adrian curated. 

As a matter of interest Adrian’s selection included two films now being presented in the forthcoming CINEMA REBORN festival. Those films were/are Corinne Cantrill’s In this Life’s Body and Dave Jones Yackety Yack.

Here are a couple of snippets from Adrian’s essay.  

On In this Life’s Body: “Rarely has such a minimalist dispositif – photos plus two and half hours of voice-over text – afforded such a maximal emotional effect. The film builds a powerfully resonant metaphor, wherein the most basic properties of the celluloid film strip – its grain, its duration, its ephemerality and fragility – reflect a particular conception of existence as something lived materially, bodily. But this vessel of ‘life’s body’ is not bound to a single identity or destiny; rather, it is discontinuous, relative, forever open to possibilities of transformation.”

On Yackety Yack “In fact, Yackety Yack does for militant film culture what Godard’s La Chinoise did for student Maoism, irreverently contradicting its pious aspirations with authoritarian realities. It is all very politically incorrect, driven by a splendidly absurdist, even ‘screwball’ sense of humour. Australia has not produced another film like it!”

Adrian also mentions a film called Beyond Fuller.  Oh dear.


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