Sunday 7 June 2015

Sydney Film Festival (19) - A note from Michael Campi about attracting Asian audiences

This note below responds to a comment I made at the end of my report on Peter Ho-sun Chan's Dearest

Your comment on the Asian general public not going to Peter Chan's film is quite pertinent but it's a fact of life. It works in reverse too.  The year Johnnie To was guest of MIFF with a retro (I think) and his second most recent film, his very, very latest one was playing at the Chinatown Cinema, half a block away from where his other films were being feted by MIFF. I'm sure almost nobody from MIFF's audience would have known or cared.

My Chinese friends tell me the demographic for going to Chinese movies is the "before marriage" crowd. Something happens, they reinforced, when people get married and doing fun things out of the home doesn't include movies. They are for domestic consumption only. Certainly at the Chinese films I attend here, the audience is mostly groups of young, chatty girls or dating couples.

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