Saturday 27 June 2015

AFTRS and after Sandra Levy (6 or so) - What happens on Monday

I am really curious to know what is going to happen at AFTRS in the next 48 hours. Will George Brandis fold and finally announce whose name he has resolutely not made public for more than a couple of months. Will anybody be interested enough to even ask him why he has behaved as poorly as he has. ....

Or .....Will Sandra Levy show up for work as 'normal' on Monday? Her appointment already runs longer than the year's extension she was given in June 2014. Why has all this been done and why has their not been a solitary squeak or even a tiny leak from the supposedly independent Members of the AFTRS Council whoese responsibility, as laid down in law is for the good and proper govenance of a major institution. You suspect that the answer might be that each of the poor sods has some dream of being re-appointed notwithstanding they are regarded by George Brandis, Tony Abbott, Peter Credlin and so on as Labor stooges. But its all mysterious. Maybe, as dawn breaks on 28th June 2015 as this is being posted, George will today reveal his plan, amuse us all at the same time and the Sandra Levy era will officially end

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