Thursday 11 June 2015

AFTRS and after Sandra Levy (5) Countdown

George Brandis interviews the new AFTRS CEO
Neither the AFTRS website  nor the Arts Minister's announcement  give a precise date for the end of Sandra Levy's appointment as the institution's CEO. Perhaps it is 26th June, 2015, a year on from the date of George Brandis' press release advising  that Levy's term would be extended yet another year. If that is indeed the case the Minister has two weeks to go before the current appointment runs out and a new person should be stepping in. But  given we are bereft of information and his Department spin doctors are being utterly unhelpful, in this short time the transition cant be smooth, especially if an import is sitting impatiently in some far flung grove of academia awaiting the call.
So, what's the problem. It's been said that nothing will happen until first George Brandis and then the Prime Minister interview the successful applicant. I know, I know that’s just something 'that has been said'. If so however, and if the applicant is indeed overseas then presumably the person would have to be skyped in for those chats.

George Brandis's Department claims that he will be 'approving' the appointment and his minions in the Department faithfully reported this to the two media supplicants who made an inquiry as to what was going on. Nobody referred to the AFTRS Act which gives George no such power. 

In the meantime, Ben Gibson's (see photo portrait is still up on the AFTRS website as Head of Degree Programs notwithstanding that he is now officially completing his tenure 'off site' and is no longer running that bit of the show. Presumably the first task of the new CEO will be to find a new Head of Degree Programs. Stand by.

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