Monday 15 June 2015

AFTRS and after Sandra Levy (5) - We have our eye on George Brandis. What is he up to....?

My post which you can find by clicking here  on the appointment of the next CEO of AFTRS has had, not to put too fine a point on it, a record number of readers. It has not however shaken or stirred George Brandis into action. As well, his spin doctors are still peddling the same nonsense about him ‘approving the appointment’. He has before him a recommendation from the School Council to appoint someone and the AFTRS Act gives him little room for movement as to what his role in the process is. As for whom, rumours abound, some of them so unlikely as to be defamatory if published.

But the world is closing in... As of tomorrow 16 June, George has ten days to appoint someone and get them ready to take over when Sandra Levy's appointment expires. I assume that, as always, a near genius will get the gig, but whomever it is wont have a lot of transition time as they enter an institution already minus its Head of Degree Programs, notwithstanding the information till on the School website as of 11.09 pm on 15 June 2015. Click here for details

Come on George, put that book of poems down and let us know who'll be guiding the school to relevance for the next five years or so. Please, its becoming almost tiresome. Just what are you up to.....

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