Tuesday 30 June 2015

Let George Do It - Standing up to pressure

Folks this item was in Crikey two days ago. It has certainly not stirred George Brandis into any precipitate action to appoint a new CEO at AFTRS.

Come on George let us in on the secret
"No CEO here. Earlier this month we were told that the Australian Film, Television and Radio School would soon be without a CEO, because Arts Minister George Brandis had failed to sign off on a replacement for Sandra Levy, who retired from the role after many years. Our tipster says that the school's website now doesn't list a CEO at all:
"Sandra Levy's name and job description are no longer on the AFTRS website. The website makes no reference at all to the pending appointment of a CEO. Levy is gone but no one has been appointed, notwithstanding that Brandis has had the papers in front of him for close to a couple of months. Incompetence of a significant order seems to be a reasonable description. For goodness sake this is a major educational institution that costs the taxpayer $25m a year allegedly to produce serious film directors."

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