Monday 22 June 2015

George Brandis goes in for the fine cut

What's keeping him?
George Brandis now has less than a week to sign off on the appointment of the next AFTRS Chief Executive. Whomever the poor sod is, he or she will arrive at an institution that is just managing a holding pattern. of course if you read the AFTRS website you might think things are hunky dory. It shows a CEO and a Head of Degree Programs. In fact the CEO is heading out the door this week, at least officially, and the Head of Degree Programs was shown the door and arrangements have been made to work out his service 'off-site' trawling through the internet to produce a research paper. This is not a good transition and I dont know why the School Council, the film industry, the media, students, staff, venerable persons, keen observers and on to mere meretricious players like the compiler of Film Alert aren't screaming their bums off at what appears to me a piece of major management f---ck-up on George Brandis's part. This is being written from the other side of the world and thus may be based on faulty information or not aware of late-breaking news but as of 7.26 pm on 22 June, 2015 George had still not settled the appointment according to his website, AFTRS website and 'the news' as defined by Google search.

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