Sunday 11 March 2018

CINEMA REBORN - The jigsaw starts to fall into place - A screening of Peter Tammer's overlooked doco on Paul Cox THE NUDE IN THE WINDOW

Folks, one of the admired little strands at Bologna's Il cinema ritrovato is devoted to new documentaries about film-making or new documentaries made by famous feature film directors. Recent examples were Martin Scorsese's doco about The New York Review of Books and Bill Morrison's doco Dawson City:Frozen Time, which Tina Kaufman reviewed on Film Alert when it screened at the Sydney Underground Film Festival last year. (Click on the link to go to the review.)

Paul Cox
Making a modest start, CINEMA REBORN will be screening Peter Tammer's very warm doco about his friend, the Australian titan Paul Cox, which recorded a day the two film-makers spent together back in 2012 and explored Cox's early life in Holland, his arrival in Australia, his photographic business and his start on self-financed low budget films. Its a fascinating record.

The film, for reasons which totally befuddle me, has only had a single public screening since it was completed back in 2015 so its overdue for a Sydney premiere.

Some notes about the film, Tammer and Cox have now been posted on the CINEMA REBORN website.

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