Sunday 25 March 2018

CINEMA REBORN - Reviving the collaboration between Michael Thornhill and Frank Moorhouse (1), BETWEEN WARS (Australia, 1974)

Born in 1941, Michael Thornhill made three short films from scripts by Frank Moorhouse before embarking on his first feature film, the Moorhouse scripted Between Wars in 1974.  Thornhill has since made five more features including The FJ Holden (1977) and The Everlasting Secret Family (1988) which was also based on a script by Moorhouse.
The collaboration between filmmaker Thornhill and writer Moorhouse was a rare, but also uniquely creative partnership in Australian cinema. Their now neglected debut feature is also one of the most unexpectedly cerebral of the breakout films from the Australian New Wave; a contrarian’s read of 1920s and ’30s Australia, rich with paradoxical ideas, unexpected tableau and tantalizing ellipses. Imports Corin Redgrave and Gunter Meisner give striking performances in a film demanding revival, restoration and re-evaluation.
There are more notes on Between Wars on the CINEMA REBORN website

Corin Redgrave, John Chance Between Wars
The program of films by Michael Thornhill and Frank Moorhouse consisting of The American Poet’s Visit and Between Wars screens at CINEMA REBORN on Saturday 5 May at 2.30 pm. Michael Thornhill, Frank Moorhouse and perhaps some others associated with the films are anticipated  to be in attendance. There will be a conversation moderated by Mark Pierce at the conclusion of the screening.

Subscription tickets to CINEMA REBORN are $85 which admits to all films. Subscriptions may be purchased via Eventbrite

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