Wednesday 28 March 2018

CINEMA REBORN - More pictures from THE AMERICAN POET'S VISIT (Michael Thornhill, Australia, 1969, 20 minutes)

Thanks to Ken Quinnell for sending these in. They are production photos taken on location for the filming of The American Poet's Visit, an adaptation of Frank Moorhouse's short story,  at the house of Bill and Roseanne Bonney in Paddington.

Karl Fourdrinier
Karl Fourdrinier and Darcy Waters

Ken's note says: In the foreground turned away from the camera is Carl Fourdrinier. The older man is John Ryback playing the role of Kenneth Rexroth. The young woman's name slips my mind. In the background (l to r) Ken Quinnell (just!), Sandra Levy, back to camera wearing a hat is Albie Thoms, the guy who looks like he's dancing is, I am pretty sure, Clem Gorman. I can’t recall the name of the woman standing on the far right.
The American Poet's Visit  screens with another Michael Thornhill & Frank Moorhouse collaboration Between Wars  (1974) at CINEMA REBORN on Saturday 5 May at 2.30 pm. It is anticipated that Michael Thornhill and Frank Moorhouse will be attending the screening.

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