Sunday, 23 May 2021

John Baxter invites you to join him online for a discussion the life of a writer in Paris in these “interesting times”

Editor's Note:John Baxter (pictured above) is an Australian-born all-round writer, scholar, critic and film-maker who has lived in Paris since 1989 with his wife Marie-Dominque Montel and daughter Louise. His Wikipedia entry  details the many books he has written which include the first  ever critical volume devoted to the Australian cinema as well as studies of Ken Russell, Josef von Sternberg, Stanley Kubrick, Woody Allen, Federico Fellini, George Lucas, Robert De Niro and Luis Bunuel. His most recent book, one of a number of studies of Paris is A Year in Paris, described by the New York Times thus "In “A Year in Paris,” (Baxter) strings together the beautiful beads of the French everyday, all held together by the invisible act of imagination that makes a country cohere and endure." 

 Dear Friends, 

During the current unpleasantness, I’ve been keeping my hand in with virtual walks, “webinars” (dreadful word) etc, some in association with the Context group.

The next takes place in June. I’ll be in conversation with my friend Samuel Lopez-Barrantes and we’ll be talking about the life of a writer in Paris in these “interesting times”. If you wish to sign up to participate, here is the link.

            We’ll be talking in the apartment shared by myself, Marie Dominique and Louise (not to mention Watson, the cat) in rue de l’Odéon. For those of you who haven’t visited us there, it is in the building where Sylvia Beach lived when she ran the original Shakespeare and Company bookshop, and where she and her companion Adrienne Monnier were visited by all the literary greats of the day. 

            Many of you will have heard my stories but it’s possible they have improved with age. And there will no doubt be a few new ones. I hope you can join us to hear them.

As ever,


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