Saturday 11 November 2017

Film Alert 101 - Annual Round-up and statistical compilation

On November 8, this blog had been up on the net for three years. In that time it has posted 1251 times and there were 268,765 page views. Average page view numbers have doubled over the last twelve months.

So... let me remember everyone who made a contribution to the blog's over 500 posts in 2016/17, in alphabetical order, Max Berghouse, Rod Bishop, Noel Bjorndahl, Richard Brennan, Philip Brophy, Anthony Buckley, Michael Campi, Dominic Case, Ben Cho, Ian Christie, John Conomos, Victoria Duckett, Alan Finney, Kiki Fung, Stephen Gaunson, Bill Hannan, David Hare, Shaun Heenan, Barrett Hodsdon, Bruce Hodsdon, Alex Horwath, Peter Hourigan, Tina Kaufman, David Kilderry, Michael Loebenstein, Fiona Mackie, Adrian Martin, Neil McGlone, Adrienne McKibbins, Barrie Pattison, Mark Pierce, Andrew Pike,Theodore Price, Tony Rayns, John Snadden, Mary Stephen, David Stratton, Simon Taaffe, Tanner Tafelski, Donald Trump, Jack Vermee, Fiona Villela and Ken Wallin

It has been a most enjoyable task and has kept me enthused through thick, thin and the occasional debilitation.

Adrian Martin
Champion for 2017 goes to Adrian Martin for his contribution to the annual Defending Cinephilia series which you can find  here. This item had almost 3000 page views.

In fact, that series contributed several more of the posts which attracted (by my standards anyway) big page views including these by Tanner Tafelski, Stephen GaunsonMichael Campi and Tina Kaufman.

For the remainder, these posts also proved very popular. They are not in any order:

I hope it all continues on and that contributions continue to arrive. Whatever contributes to a conversation about the art of the cinema and the issues that surround it is always welcome.

My best wishes

Geoff Gardner

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