Sunday 26 November 2017

Cinema Reborn - a new event on the Sydney cinephile calendar


This is the first public information about a project that has been dubbed Cinema Reborn - a new but different event on the Sydney film festival calendar. It will take place from 3-6 May 2018 and the venue will be the theatre at the Australian Film Television & Radio School, in the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park in Sydney.
Cinema Reborn is being developed by community of cinema enthusiasts who are working on this project on an entirely voluntary basis. The group comprises experienced programmers, filmmakers, screen historians and critics. 

Cinema Reborn's focus will be on screen heritage and preservation. In its start-up year of 2018, Cinema Reborn will present eleven programs of either recently restored films shown using digital copies or, rarer, film archived-sourced 35mm film prints. All will be presented following best practice in the presentation of archival or screen heritage titles, and will reflect the originally intended experience of their creators. 

Cinema Reborn is intended to shine a light on the long history of the art of the cinema, the world-wide activity of film restoration and the treasures that exist in the world’s film archives. Negotiations have begun to acquire the program and there has already been much goodwill extended to the organisers for what it is hoped will be a unique and valuable addition to the Sydney cinephile calendar. 

Cinema Reborn is intended to appeal to those with an interest in all aspects of the cinema but especially its glorious past and the work being done by the world's film archives, film restoration institutions and the leading production companies which are bringing their catalogues back into public view via sparkling new digital copies often restored at great cost.

If you would like to be kept informed of activity, the program as it develops and subscription information keep an eye on this blog. 

For more detailed information as it is released please send an email to and we will place you a mailing list with regular alerts and other information.

The patron saint of Cinema Reborn
Ernst Lubitsch

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