Monday 10 April 2017

AFTRS Update - Lyn Allan writes to Film Alert ...but doesn't explain the website slackness

April 10, 2017

Here is the text of a letter received today. Somebody in the Department has devised some real mean mother of a copying system and I have thus far found it impossible to simply copy and paste. What will they think of next to make the blogger's life difficult. Still some things must stir up life in the Departmental salt mines of the day...

Dear Mr Gardner

Thank you for your email of 22 March 2017 to Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield Minister for Communications and the Arts, I am responding on his behalf.*

The timing of appointments to the Australian Film, Television and Radio School is a matter for government. An announcement will be made once these appointments have been finalised.

The Australian Film, Television and Rdio School Act 1973 allows the Council to continue to operate during a vacancy in the position of Chair, and that Council meetings can be convened by the Deputy Chair, ensuring that the Council will continue to be expertly guided while the appointment process takes place.

I trust this information is of assistance.

Yours sincerely

Lyn Allan
Assistant Secretary
Creative Industries
7 April 2017

* I know, that should be a full stop rather than a comma


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  2. Don Groves writes: Meaningless waffle. And "there" appointments, not "their"?


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