Tuesday 4 April 2017

AFTRS Update. Is no news good news? Are your taxes working?

April 5, 2017

The leisurely pace of life in the Office of Senator Mitch Fifield, the Minister for Communications and the Arts, continues this week. Prime Minister Turnbull is out on the hustings selling tax reform so maybe Cabinet isn’t dealing with any appointments. At least not yet. 

In his ministerial capacity, Mitch hasn’t put out a press release on anything to do with his portfolio since March 28. Which must also make life easy for Mitch’s press and media staff.

Not that his media contact has found time to reply this blogger's earlier enquiry. Most likely she has deemed a reply unnecessary. Those seeking information about appointments to the position of Chair of AFTRS Council or of the CEO of the National Film & Sound Archive can be easily ignored. After all it's not something you'll read about in The Australian, The Fairfax press or The Guardian. In fact I dnt think you'll read about it anywhere.

So just to repeat myself, on March 29 I sent an email to Geraldine.Mitchell@communications.gov.au who is the person given as the contact on Mitch’s press releases. I reported these events thus on the blog: 

Just to put things on the record. It's now three weeks since the one year appointment of Juliane Schultz as Chair of the Australian Film Radio and Television School expired. ....

Ever intrepid, the blogger became investigative reporter yesterday and sent a message through to the office of Senator Mitch Fifield, the Minister for Communications and the Arts, asking why the Government has not made, or at least announced, an appointment to fill the vacancy for the Chair of the AFTRS Council. 

I pointed out  that the term of the previous Chair expired on March 9 and although her photo is still on the AFTRS website on the button marked ‘Council' she is no longer listed on the page detailing the Council membership.

So, the staffer was asked: "Are you able to offer on behalf of Senator Fifield any explanation as to why no appointment has been made, or at least announced? Is there any timeline for which an announcement may be expected?"

so....To quote the line from The Band's The Weight: "He just grinned and shook his head and 'No" was all he said."

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