Sunday 2 August 2020

Re-examing Documentary - Peter Tammer publishes an E-Book POLES APART: The Search for Truth In Documentary

Over the last couple of years it has been this blog's privilege to publish a number of pieces by independent film-maker teacher,  cinema enthusiast and friend Peter Tammer about documentary film-making. Now Peter has undertaken a major task and, with his friend Bill Mousoulis has revised and re-edited the essays into a new E-Book titled POLES APART. 

The book devotes itself to studies of the first film ever made in Australia, The 1896 Melbourne Cup, Frank Hurley's  film record of Shackleton's ill-fated exploration of Antarctica and Robert Flaherty's Nanook of the North. But along the way there are always surprising twists and turns - personal recollections, digressive contributions from friends and, as Fred Harden says on the Armchair Traveller Facebook page, discussions of equipment used, cinematic techniques and more. This has all been developed and expanded with lots of links to film clips. It weaves through Peter's teaching life and his own films creating an engaging document  

Peter has made a little silent 'trailer' to give some first insights into the subjects covered and the thoughts gathered up in the book.

Click here to have a look

There is some quite prodigious film scholarship in this publication. It takes us back literally to the birth of cinema as well as the first contemplations of what is real, authentic, true, actual and composed.

You can buy the book for the modest sum of $14.99 if you Click on this link 

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