Wednesday 21 September 2016

Happy Birthday Sophia Loren - A wow of an 82 year od

Sophia Loren today
Now I dont want this tto become a habit but the Huffington Post has posted a fabulous little compendium of the splendid sight of Sophia Loren in more than a dozen of her most glamourous roles,. You can find it if you press the button and click here On Sophia Loren.

Needless to say in the manner of the G-Rated Americans, it contains no reference at all to the sequence which first turned the world or at least 12 year old Brunswick schoolboys staring at the lobby cards outside Hoyts Padua at the top of the hill on Sydney Road. Boy on a Dolphin. The moment when Sophia emerges dripping wet from the Grecian sea in Jean Negulesco's masterpiece of  50s Hollywood pulchritude is one of the very greatest in Loren's fabulous career. A fan has posted this rather good bit of editing here on a pan and scan version but you'll get the idea. All part of growing up.
Sophia Loren in Boy on a Dolphin

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  1. Happy birthday Loren. You still look young. I have been planning my grandma’s birthday at one of NYC venues. Have taken stunning ideas from online for the day. Want to make it a memorable day for her. Quite excited for everything.


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