Friday 23 September 2016

a wet day - verse by Bill Hannan

a wet day

I would like to write about
things of beauty
that are joys forever
summer days
to which thou art incomparable
sweet showers that make us
long to go on pilgrimage
sounding cataracts
lonely clouds
visions splendid
of sunlit plains extended

unfortunately it’s raining
the birds are plumping their feathers
against the drips in the trees
I consider a pot of tea
and wonder what’s to nibble
dusk is growing chilly
some cars have switched on headlights
the eucalypts are weeping
over lost lands
I am alone in the house
wondering what to write about

Editor's Note: Bill Hannan was my English and French teacher at Moreland High School in the early sixties, He has remained an engaged and engaging figure with active interests across local and Australian history, literature, politics and the arts. 

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