Tuesday 8 March 2016

Damon Herriman talks about his unique creation Dewey Crowe - A National Film & Sound Archive Oral History

Among the many millions of times I have brushed with fame and the famous (Richie Benaud in Villefranche back in 2004, Bill Shorten on Bawley Point beach in 2016 to name just two) the most positive and endearing was undoubtedly with the splendid actor Damon Herriman who fronted up at the Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards night at the Paddington RSL only last month. The evidence is right here. People ask why and who. Well the main answer is Damon’s role as Dewey Crowe in the Elmore Leonard inspired series Justified.

Herriman as Dewey Crowe, Justified
Justified  did six seasons and Dewey was a character who appeared in quite a number of them. Damon Herriman played this somewhat bumbling young man who spent much time involved in low level criminal activities, was bunged away in jail on a couple of occasions and talked his way out. After one such parole he was awarded the sum of $300,000  as compensation for the pain of wrongful arrest or somesuch. He spent the money buying a low level Kentucky whorehouse and spent much time lying around in a kid’s blow up swimming pool. The screen lit up when Dewey was in the frame...

Now you can hear the whole story in a posting by the National Film & Sound Archive from its oral history program. Damon is interviewed by the actor Lorna Lesley. You can find it here.

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