Thursday 24 March 2016

Busan International Film Festival – The Korean film industry takes a stand

Screen Daily has a report on developments regarding the independence of the Busan International Film Festival. You can find it here. For a key piece of background to this matter you should read Tony Rayns open letter to the people of Busan.

Here are the key paras from the Screen Daily Report:
The Film industry Committee of nine major film organisations has issued a set of demands to ensure the festival’s independence.
Key members of South Korea’s film community have announced today that they will boycott the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) if Busan City does not stop interfering with the festival.
Today (March 21), the Korean Film Group’s Emergency Committee for Defending BIFF’s Independence, a gathering of nine major film organisations including the Korean Film Producers’ Association, the Directors’ Guild of Korea and the Federation of Korea Movie Workers’ Union, held a press conference in Seoul to make the following demands to ensure the festival’s autonomy and independence:
  • Busan City mayor Suh Byung-soo should step down as BIFF organizing committee chairman and agree to revise the festival’s articles of association.
  • The city government must stop unjust interference in BIFF and withdraw the legal application for injunction against the 68 new committee advisors.
  • Suh should make a public apology for his actions and promise it will never happen again.

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