Sunday 20 March 2016

AFTRS Appointments - A Message from Mitch Fifield, Minister for Communications and for the Arts

From a media release passed on today

AFTRS Council re-appointments

21 March 2016

The Australian Government has re-appointed Professor Julianne Schultz AM
FAHA as Chair of the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS)
Council for a period of one year, and Professor Robyn Ewing AM as a
member of the Council for two years.

Professor Schultz and Professor Ewing have contributed extensive expertise
to the work of the Council during their first terms overseeing significant
achievements by the AFTRS including the redesign of the AFTRS Award
courses and the expansion of the AFTRS Open program.

Professor Schultz brings considerable governance experience to the role of
Chair. She is the founding editor of the Griffith Review and has served on the
boards of the ABC, the Grattan Institute and the Copyright Agency, and was
formerly Chair of the Queensland Design Council.

Professor Ewing is a valuable member of the Council with a background
specialising in education and learning. She is Professor of Teacher Education
and the Arts, University of Sydney and was previously Associate Dean,
Academic Programs and Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning.

AFTRS provides advanced education and training to develop the skills and
knowledge of talented individuals to meet the evolving needs of Australia’s
screen and broadcast industries.


  1. I got a little curious as to when the period/s of appointment were so I sent the following message to the Departmental officer whose name was given for any media enquiries.

    to Justine.Sywak

    Hi Justine

    I have just read the media release by Mitch Fifield about the re-appointment of Professor Julianne Schultz and Professor Robyn Ewing to the AFTRS Council.

    Would you be able to advise the date that the appointments commence or commenced?

    Thanks for that

    Geoff Gardner

  2. The appointments commenced on 10 March 2016

  3. Hi Geoff
    I'm doing a Leadership paper for MBA and have included Prof Julianne Schultz. I read your two blogs back in March regarding her appointment to the AFTRS. The second one (this one) was a response on 20 March from Mitch Fifield which didn't answer the one year vs three years which Senate Bilyk had asked, mentioned on your blog on 19 March. I need to know the date that Senator Bilyk had asked the Questions Without Notice. I've looked through APH and can't find the original coverage of it in the date ranges I'd put in.
    Just wondering if you can help me with these:

    Do you know the exact date that Senator Bilyk had asked the questions in Senate?
    Do you know of any Senate response from Mitch Fifield which may have answered Senator Bilyk's first question about Prof Schultz's appointment (Has any previous Chair of the School Council accepted a second term for less than a three year appointment)?
    If Fifield hasn't answered Senator Bilyk's question(s), what do you believe is the real reason they didn't keep Prof Schultz on for another 3 years?

    Thank you very much if you are able to help me!
    Kind regards
    0429 844 437

    1. A Timely reminder. The answers were provided back in April. The hearings took place on 9 February. You can find them if you paste in this link


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