Tuesday 1 June 2021

UNKNOWN PLEASURES - A Melbourne institution devoted to presenting the best in indie cinema seeks your support

Presented entirely by enthusiastic volunteers Unknown Pleasures is a series of semi-regular screenings in Melbourne featuring the best of Australian independent cinema, both classic and contemporary, presented in conjunction with the film-makers. The series is co-curated and presented by Chris Luscri & Bill Mousoulis.

Unknown Pleasures  attempts to throw some light on these under-represented films and film-makers but, more than that, an attempt to foster a sense of community (especially relevant in pandemic-created lockdown times). 

Chris Luscri writes: I hope my email finds you well! Bill mentioned you might be putting on some Cinema Reborn screenings in Melbourne this year? If so, that's hugely exciting.

I am writing to let you know about an Australian Cultural Fund page Bill Mousoulis and I have set up, to try and raise some funds for our "Unknown Pleasures" screenings that we are running at the Thornbury Picture House this year. 

You probably know that our screenings are a complete labour of love for us, we have no funding for them, and basically put in many hours of work to make them happen.  Our running costs are very tight, with the cinema having a $500 hire fee each time, and then us scrambling to try to pay the film-makers something, and also others who help out like Q&A moderators, or our videographers, etc.  We need to practically have a full house each time just to break even, with these basic costs.

So, we have decided to try and ask for donations from people to help us along here.  The donated money will help us to run everything smoothly, and make sure we can spend some money on things like helping interstate film-makers get to our screenings, or having a bit of money for some publicity, or some money for providing food/drinks to the film-makers each screening, or even just some money for our own personal expenses (transport, sundry items).

If you yourself think you can donate an amount (any amount you are comfortable with) to this funding drive, then we would be most grateful ! All donated amounts (over $2) are tax deductible.  FAQs for donors are on the Australian Cultural Fund website here.

If you wish to make a donation JUST CLICK HERE>

Thanks a lot !


John Flaus, Chris Luscri, Matthew Victor Pastor and 
Bill Mousoulis at an Unkknown Pleasures screening

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