Friday 30 April 2021

CINEMA REBORN - SUPER SATURDAY - A day of classics from South Korea, Australia, France culminating with Visconti's Palme d'Or winning THE LEOPARD

At 5.45 PM Saturday 1 May

THE LEOPARD (Luchino Visconti, Italy, 1963)


“One of the greatest achievements of Italian cinema.” — David Stratton, who will introduce the screening on the stage of the Ritz’s magnificent Cinema One 


Based on Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa’s celebrated novel, the 4K restoration brings out every detail of the sumptuous production design, every glorious costume and every facial expression with a clarity previously unknown.  Remarkable performances by Burt Lancaster, Claudia Cardinale and Alain Delon. The near hour-long ball scene which concludes the film is its own epic depiction of a society whose end is near.  


At 3.30 PM Saturday 1 May

LE CORBEAU/THE RAVEN  (H-G Clouzot, France, 1943)


“…a superb noir thriller, starring the great Pierre Fresnay, about the corrosive effect of poison-pen letters in small French town. Made in 1943, it is to the Occupation what Renoir's La Règle du Jeu is to the years before the Second World War, a devastating allegory about the state of the nation as weak people betray friends and neighbours. Philip French, The Observer


At 1.15 PM Saturday 1 May

THREE IONE  (Cecil Holmes, Australia, 1953)


“a landmark in the development of the Australian cinema.” — Pike & Cooper, Australian Film 1900-1977

Cinema Reborn will be screening a beautiful, rarely-seen 35mm copy of Three in One from the NFSA collection. Three in One is three stories by Frank Hardy, Rex Rienits (adapting a Henry Lawson classic), and Ralph Peterson, each with linking introductions by actor John McCallum.


At 11.00 AM Saturday 1 May

AIMLESS BULLET (Yu Hyon-mok, South Korea, 1961)


Aimless Bullet masterfully captures the collective anxiety of post-war Korea… Banned shortly after its first screenings by the then military government, Aimless Bullet has now been painstakingly restored by the Korean Film Archive. Cinema Reborn’s screening will be the first for the restoration in Australia. 



There are tickets available to all sessions. You can book online (includes booking fee)  ON THE RITZ WEBSITE   or buy tickets at the Box Office from 10.00 am today. If you buy your tickets at the Box Office you can redeem the NSW Government Dine and Discover vouchers.



Cinema Reborn’s work is supported by a network of volunteers who freely give their time and service to select, manage, present and write about the annual event and its program. Donations to support this work are always welcome and our donors are listed in the printed catalogue providing they arrive before the print deadline this week. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, no matter how small, or large, you may do so online through the Australian Cultural Fund. JUST CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 

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