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CINEMA REBORN MARCH NEWSLETTER #2 - Australian Film Selection - THREE IN ONE (Cecil Holmes, 1956) and FOUR FILMS FROM THE CENTRAL AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL MEDIA ASSOCIATION (CAAMA) (1998-2010, Warwick Thornton, Dena Curtis, David Tranter, Danielle MacLean)

Cinema Reborn has announced two major programs of classic Australian film as key parts of its 2021 program screening at the Ritz Cinemas Randwick from 29 April to 2 May.  

Full details of the announced titles (including Destry Rides Again, Aimless Bullet, The Leopard, Filibus and Criss Cross) for the 2021 season can be found  IF YOU CLICK HERE 




For it's Australian component, first off Cinema Reborn will be presenting a rare 35mm screening of Cecil Holmes 1956 classic trilogy THREE IN ONE. The print of the film comes from the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

Starting out as an adaptation of a Frank Hardy story, Three in One became three stories; by Hardy, by Rex Rienits (adapting a Henry Lawson classic), and by Ralph Peterson, each with linking introductions by actor John McCallum. All three reflect on aspects of Australian life with a rare, straightforward honesty. Cecil Holmes debut feature revealed a film-maker of great talent, a committed leftist and a champion for social justice. 

Cecil Holmes with actor Sydney Cook during filming of 'I, the Aboriginal' at
Katherine River, Northern Territory, 1962.'

photo Sandra Lebrun Holmes, 'Faces in the Sun' autobiography.
(Copyright Amanda Holmes Tzafrir)

…full of energy and promise. An honest and determined attempt to create a national style.” – Pike & Cooper, Australian Film 1900-1977

With: Reg Lye, Ben Gabriel, Jerome ‘Jock’ Levy, Leonard Teale, Brian Vicary, Joan Lander, John Fernside, John McCallum

The screening of Three in One is by courtesy of a 35mm print supplied by kind permission of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

Three  In One is presented by courtesy of Amanda Holmes-Tzafrir.


Saturday 1 May, 1.15pm (G), 89 minutes


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The second Australian program will consist of 



Launched in Alice Springs in 1988 as the video unit of the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association, CAAMA Productions Pty Ltd is now the largest Indigenous production house in Australia.

Green Bush

Since its inception, CAAMA Productions has played an instrumental role in developing and supporting the careers of many of Australia’s most celebrated Indigenous filmmakers, including Warwick Thornton, Beck Cole, Ivan Sen, Danielle MacLean, Rachel Perkins, Dena Curtis and David Tranter. 

Cinema Reborn will present a selection of four short films to pay homage to the work of CAAMA Productions, and to celebrate the Media Association’s powerful use of film and broadcast media to empower Indigenous voices and sustain Indigenous Language and Culture in Central Australia. The program will include Warwick Thornton’s award-winning short drama, Green Bush(2005), Dena Curtis’ observational documentary, Eight Ladies(2010), Danielle MacLean’s impressionistic drama, My Colour, Your Kind(1998) and David Tranter’s atmospheric documentary, Willaberta Jack(2007). 

GREEN BUSH | 2005 | Dir. Warwick Thornton | 26 mins | Colour | English | 35mm | Drama 

Every night, Indigenous radio announcer and DJ, Kenny hosts the Green Bush show. Isolated at the station, he takes requests for music, while at the same time coping with the pressure of the community around him. Based on his own experiences as a radio DJ in Alice Springs in central Australia, Warwick Thornton made an international impact with this graceful and powerful short drama. (Notes: Ronin Films)

The screening of Green Bush is by courtesy of a 35mm print supplied by kind permission of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

EIGHT LADIES | 2010 | Dir. Dena Curtis | 22min | Colour | Alyawarr [English Subtitles] Documentary from the Nganampa Anwernekenhe series

Eight Ladies follows eight women from Alyawarr Country in the Sandover River region in central Australia on a five-day journey into the bush to hunt echidna and gather bush foods. As the women hunt together and sit around their campfire at night preparing the food, they talk about the old days and how life has changed. Filmed in an observational style, this gentle and reflective film is a moving revelation of the women's sense of relaxed oneness with their Country. (Ronin Films)

MY COLOUR, YOUR KIND| 1998 | Dir. Danielle MacLean | 11min | Colour | 16mm | English | Drama 

In a sequence of simple, emotionally charged scenes, My Colour, Your Kind gives a powerful, impressionistic insight into the feelings of alienation experienced by a teenage albino Aboriginal girl. In a convent boarding school in Alice Springs, she is misunderstood and bullied by a severe, unloving nun. She escapes in dreams and eventually in reality to her mother where she feels at peace. (Ronin Films)

WILLABERTA JACK| 2007 | Dir. David Tranter | 26min | English and Alywarre [English Subtitles] | Documentary 

The short film that was later expanded into a screenplay for award-winning feature film Sweet Country(2017), Willaberta Jack is the extraordinary story of the largest manhunt ever to take place in the Northern Territory.  Set in 1929, Aboriginal man Willaberta Jack runs for his life, pursued by the law of the day. A riveting and atmospheric account of the harshness of outback life and of the perils of being a black man who challenged the white man’s dominance. (CAAMA and Ronin Films.)

Willaberta Jack

Source: Ronin Films


4:00PM, Sunday May 02, Randwick Ritz
MA 15+ 85 minutes


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