Thursday 21 December 2017

On Blu-ray - David Hare unearths a new Geman edition of R W Fassbinder's MARTHA (West Germany, 1974)

Mother (Gisela Fackeldey) hits the bottle in screen one while daughter Martha (Margit Carstensen) unloads her tale of woe, out of a Cornell Woolrich story in Fassbinder's amusingly gruesome comedy-drama of SM passion, Martha (West Germany, 1974).

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Second screen another incomparable composition with Martha and nasty "top" Karlheinz hm  as Helmut from Fassbinder's favorite DP, Michael Ballhaus.

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Screens are from a new 4K restoration released in German language only (so far) by Studio Canal. I remember watching this at the Paddington Academy Twin back in first OZ release 1977 or 78 and finding myself the only member of a slowly dwindling audience still cackling myself silly.

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  1. Famously one of the audience in the London NFT at the first British screening of MARTHA called out "Rubbish" at the end and got a spontaneous round of applause. Stout fellow that.


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