Friday 15 December 2017

On Blu-ray - David Hare extols the work of cinematographers Lee Garmes and Stanley Cortez on SINCE YOU WENT AWAY (USA, 1944)

These are from Since You Went Away (produced by David O Selznick in 1944)

Lovely transfer of one of the most amazingly beautifully photographed movies in American film. Two DPs no less, Lee Garmes and Stanley Cortez. One is tempted to just watch the film again to try and spot who photographed what. The long shadows recur over and over like Damocles’ sword throughout this masterpiece which is presented as a wartime “waiting women” propaganda picture. 

John Cromwell is named as director but Selznick hired several more to “perfect” the comedy and action sequences including Eddie Cline and Tay Garnett. I think the picture is Selznick’ best. Chuck Walters is uncredited as dance director for the amazing air hangar dance sequence (first frame above) and almost certainly for the out of left field shots of the two servicemen dancing the jjitterbug in the screen immediately below. Just slipped it in, and never mind the Breen office.


  1. There's some Cameron Menzies in there too.

  2. Yep, all sorts of folks!


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