Monday 9 October 2017

Vale Moya Wood - Distinguished Australian writer and script editor

AMOHG member Graham Shirley writes: On Saturday the Sydney Morning Herald  published a death notice for the veteran Australian television and film scriptwriter Moya Wood:

Moya Wood
As the NFSA website has acknowl-edged, Moya worked variously over many years in Australian film and television “as a writer, script editor, script supervisor, and script consultant, often uncredited. Her credits include Skippy (1966-69), The More Things Change … (1986), The Box (1974-77), A Country Practice (1981-93), Summerfield (1977), Chopper Squad (1977-79), and Spit McPhee (1988).”

In 2012 the NFSA posted online sections of a video interview with Moya recorded as part of the Australian Writers Foundation (AWF)/Foxtel Oral History Project.  This project, initiated by people including Foxtel executive and AMOHG member Malcolm Smith, was in partnership with the AWF, a body established by the Australian Writers’ Guild. Readers can view a segment of Moya reflecting on screenwriting 

A second segment of the interview with Moya can be viewed on the NFSA YouTube channel


  1. I'd check these 'A Country Practice' dates: they're wrong.

  2. I got in touch with Graham Shirley who wrote the piece above and he replied:Hi Geoff,

    According to text on the NFSA website for ‘The Art of Screenwriting’, A Country Practice ran between 1981 and 1993. Wikipedia, IMDB and a website called A Country Practice - - also give those dates for the series’ production span. Perhaps Michael was wanting to focus on the dates on which Moya worked on A Country Practice. The NFSA database and IMDb list only one episode of ACP – an ep from 1981 – that contains a credit for Moya. I can only suspect – from NFSA giving including that program in its Moya Wood text for its ‘The Art of Screenwriting’ page - that she worked on more episodes than that. Needs more research.

    1. Graham Shirley advises further that the text above should read "from NFSA including A Country Practice in its Moya Wood text ..."

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