Wednesday 18 October 2017

Alex Horwath calls time at the Austrian Film Museum

Editor's Note: This message below has recently appeared on the website of FIAF, the international Federation of Film Archives. Alex Horwath made a great contribution to European film culture as a conservator, archivist and programmer. He has been one of those on the Artistic Committee presided over by Gianluca Farinelli who have slowly transformed Bologna's Cinema Ritrovato into the premier event of its kind in this world. I assume Alex will continue to play a significant part in Bologna's broad and democratic program formation. I assume he will also continue as a judge on the Bologna DVD awards. His replacement at the Film Museum is Michael Loebenstein, former CEO of Australia's National Film & Sound Archive now returned to his homeland.

Best wishes for the future Alex. 

He writes:

Dear friends, colleagues, partners and supporters of the Austrian Film Museum!

As most of you already know, my function as director of the Austrian Film Museum ends on October 1.

Alexander Horwath
For the past 16 years, I have dedicated all my energy to this work and this institution – and I am very grateful for the support that so many of you have given me and my colleagues at the museum during this time. The results of this collaborative effort fill me with great pride and joy, and if they trigger only a tiny fraction of similar emotions for you, it will not have been in vain.

I am also grateful that my wish for a smooth transition came true, thanks to the support of the Film Museum board and staff. Michael Loebenstein, already known to many of you from his previous achievements in our field, will now lead the Film Museum into a new chapter of its existence. If I may add another wish for the future, it would be for you to accompany Michael’s work with the same warm and supportive music that you have so graciously afforded me.     

I send you a sweet farewell – and I look forward to our next encounters, here and elsewhere.

Alexander Horwath

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