Tuesday 10 October 2017

Seijun Suzuki at the Art Gallery of NSW - A Japan Foundation retrospective. Some distractions.

Seijun Suzuki
Some interesting things at the AGNSW screenings of films by Seijun Suzuki, the first time I've been in the theatre since the dearly loved Robert Herbert  died. Gone are the ferocious set of slides designed to intimidate the audience into complete silence and to turn the mobile phones off before the movie starts. 

At the Saturday screening of Tokyo Drifter, latecomers were admitted. That was a definite no no in Robert's day.

Today there must have been a dozen of those infernal bright phone screen lights distracting attention when today's movie The Bastard/AKA The Young Rebel began. You shouldn't have to have someone shout out to turn the phones off.
Then there was the film. It was signed, according to the translation on the credits, by Yukinori Suzuki, though everywhere on the net its attributed to the beloved Seijun Suzuki. The poster below is that film but I have no idea about the director's credit. Does anyone know, or know why?


  1. Japanese kanji characters (i.e., the pictograms originally borrowed from Chinese) have multiple readings. "Nori" is certainly another reading of the character here read "jun"; "Yuki" is not listed in the sources I've consulted as another possible reading for the character read "Sei", but it may be a very rare one! The question is how a translator managed to put a mistaken reading on a film print - "Seijun" is very much a matter of record!


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