Tuesday 24 October 2017

The Current Cinema - John Snadden has some questions about Jackie Chan and his new film THE FOREIGNER

I've just got back from watching THE FOREIGNER, and it's passable entertainment, with the main problem being not enough Jackie Chan and too much Pierce Brosnan. Chan is quite watchable as a traumatised father seeking answers about his daughter's death in a terrorist bombing in the UK. His quiet resolve turns to white hot anger as he begins to see the wider picture for the reasons surrounding her killing.. 

Jackie Chan, The Foreigner

Director Martin Campbell (CASINO ROYALE) does manage to move the film along at an entertaining pace regardless of the ever growing number of silly subplots. When you take into account the majority of the film's investors are Chinese, it seems more than odd that Jackie Chan has been sidelined in this film.

Editor's Note: currently playing in Sydney at Macquarie, Chatswood Mandarin and Burwood. 

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