Monday 26 December 2016

On Fassbinder - David Hare suggests tracking down Christian Braad Thomsen's doco TO LOVE WITHOUT DEMANDS

Fassbinder (middle). Click to enlarge
From an absolutely terrific 2015 documentary on Fassbinder by the Danish filmmaker Christian Braad Thomsen, To Love Without Demands. (Possibly available on DVD but generally backchannel only for a subbed version). To my Fassbinder friends this is essential viewing.
When asked about Sirk, Rainer says (paraphrased) "I hate arts films ..I love the naivete of American (golden era to 50s) films.. I want to eventually achieve that in my own films." with a finger to the Laura Mulvey school of SIrkian appropriation for the infantile British left and it's mindless application of totally irrelevant social commentary readings to grant the films "worth".
When asked about the treatment of homosexuality in films, Rainer says: "it's not a subject for films, ,... only the individual is... Genet talks about always needing a double, I agree with him...." 
Meanwhile his films just keep growing in my estimation. A clip from Satan's Brew, not seen since Paris in 1978, had me rolling on the floor with laughter

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