Sunday 4 December 2016

Digitisations and Restorations (15) - Chaplin, GONE TO EARTH, KING OF JAZZ, Lubitsch and more

Associate Editor (Restorations and Revivals) Simon Taaffe has come across the following screenings and other information. Click on the links for times, more detail etc where indicated.

Chaplin, His New Job
Start with the great man Charles Chaplin and a screening at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival. The program is three of the shorts the master made the Essanay company in 1915. For the Chaplin version of his stay at the Chicago based company you can go here. That’s the official website. The Chaplin program is part of a day of silent restorations to make the mouth water. Click on the links to see what sort of a day you can have and have the great added extra of being in the fabulous Castro Theatre. More details below.

Among the films screening in a six week season of Powell and Pressburger films at UC Berkeley’s BAMPFA is the relatively little seen Gone to Earth in what is claimed to be a restored print . Simon writes “I wonder when this was restored, I remember seeing it at the Sydney Film Festival.”

At New York’s Film Forum a 4K restoration of the 70s Oscar winner The Lion in Winter, Details here

What will they think to celebrate next. Forty years of Steadicam is at the Lincoln Centre in New York. Click here for details.

King of Jazz was included in the Universal selection screened at Bologna earlier this year. The advance notice was wildly enthusiastic after it went on at MOMA in New York. The Bologna reception was shall we say a little more muted including by moi in this post. Anyway it’s having quite a number of screenings at ACMI over the holiday period, see Details here  Simon asks: “Will it make it to Sydney?”

At the Lincoln Centre a new restoration of Raul Ruiz’s ‘first French film” The Suspended Vocation, see Details here

As part of the same festival as the Chaplin program mentioned above is Ernst Lubitsch’s 1926 So This is Paris, The copy is a Restored 35mm print from the Library of Congress  Details here and one of the earliest feature films to examine gay life  Different from the Others,  Details here

Finally, in London the BFI presents Cinephilia down the ages: a Museum of the Everyday. Described as “An exhibition devoted to obsessive and quirky records of cinemagoing reveals how film fandom, and geekery, have transformed over the past century. Details here

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