Monday 6 December 2021

On Blu-ray - David Hare rejoices again in a thing of intense beauty PARTY GIRL (Nicholas Ray, USA, 1958)

"Vicky Gaye" (we know her as Cyd Charisse, click image to enlarge) dances for the mob accompanied by several roaring horns in Nick Ray's fabulous Party Girl (1958).

Ray had a lot of trouble on the production not least not being allowed to direct the musical numbers. These were directed by Robert Sidney, but they still look fabulous if only for the fact the movie was produced by Joe Pasternak, one of MGM's non -Freed musical specialists, so the production values get the works.
The new Warner Archive Blu-ray is a thing of intense beauty and would thrill the souls of the great French Cahier/Positif formalists if only they were all still around to see this incredibly beautiful transfer from an original Eastman neg.

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