Sunday 21 November 2021


Film Alert 101 has just sailed past its seventh birthday. There were over 300 posts and 140,000 page views during the course of the year.

My thanks to every one of the contributors who wittingly or occasionally unwittingly had their thoughts published here. In all, as far as I can track down, these were the contributors who made it all happen.


Gary Andrews, Ross Barnard, John Baxter, Ina Bertrand, Rod Bishop, Martin Bradley,  Dean Brandum, Al Clark,  Adrian Danks, Marshall Deutelbaum, François Forestier, Antony I Ginnane, Ira Joel Haber, David Hare, Bruce Hodsdon, Peter Hourigan, Bruce Isaacs, Liz Jacka, Shelley Jiang,  Simon Killen, Adrian Martin, Emmanuel Macron, Jane Mills, Ken Mogg, Stephen Morgan, Scott Murray, Margot Nash, Barrie Pattison, Karl Quinn, Tony Rayns, Tom Ryan, Susan Potter, Zali Steggall, Simon Taaffe, Peter Tammer, Janice Tong,  Quentin Turnour, Louis Skorecki, David Stratton, Storry Walton, Sue Williams and Blythe Worthy

As for the most popular posts, well once again it's controversies that won out. 

The Trouble with Being Born

Top post went to David Stratton who had some thoughts about MIFF's decision to withdraw THE TROUBLE WITH BEING BORN (Sandra Wollner, Austria, 2020) from its program CLICK HERE


After that….these were very poplar


Ken Mogg on Hitchcock’s Rope (one of many of Ken’s posts on Hitchcock that drew tremendous numbers) CLICK HERE


Tom Ryan takes exception to MIFF censoring its selection CLICK HERE


Karl Quinn responds to Tom Ryan and David Stratton about MIFF’s decision to pull THE TROUBLE WITH BEING BORN from its program and reports on his interview with the director Sandra Wollner CLICK HERE

Youssef  Chahine 

The biggest surprise of all. I reckon it provided much thought for some place where the director was on the syllabus, Peter Hourigan on Youssef Chahine CLICK HERE

The enduring interest in Hitchcock - David Hare on a new UHD 4K - Hitchcock box set. CLICK HERE

A  gratifying interest, even if no answers were provided - The NFSA finds a champion in Federal Parliament - Zali Steggall asks some pertinent questions.   CLICK HERE


Our youngest contributor - Shelley Jiang on Touch of Evil CLICK HERE

Margot Nash introduces THE JUNIPER TREE (Nietzchka Keene, USA, 1990) and her own film SHADOW PANIC (Australia, 1989) at Cinema Reborn CLICK HERE


Rod Bishop on Shadow Play CLICK HERE


John Baxter on The Dig CLICK HERE

Jean-Claude Brisseau

Janice Tong rediscovers two films by Jean-Claude Brisseau  


Adrian Martin Defends Cinephilia 2020 CLICK HERE


Barrie Pattison on John Farrow CLICK HERE


Lina Wertmuller

Jane Mills introduces Lina Wertmuller CLICK HERE

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