Sunday, 16 June 2019

Adam Bowen's Talkie Talk #64 - New films in cinemas including three from recent festivals, Hitchcock and Wyler on TV and Vale Franco Zeffirelli


Never Look Away/Werk ohne Autor (2018) - a German artist (Tom Schilling) is haunted by memories of the Nazis and the Stasi. Directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. Read some thoughts for its Sydney Film Festival screening

Claire Darling/La Dernière Folie de Claire Darling (2018) – Ageing chatelaine, Catherine Deneuve, holds a garage sale of household items – everything from antiques to soapdishes – hoping to rid herself of the ghosts of the past. Directed by Julie Bertucelli. Another of Barrie’s reviews from the FFF can be found if you click here

The Ideal Palace/L’Incroyable Histoire du Facteur Cheval (2018) – a late19thcentury postman builds a palace for his daughter. Read Barrie Pattison’s review from the French Film Festival if you click here

Under the Silver Lake (2018) Disenchanted 30-something (Andrew Garfield) meets a mystery woman (Riley Keough), who then disappears. He searches for her and uncovers a conspiracy…

Child’s Play(2019) – remake of the popular slasher about a psychotic doll.

The Secret Lives of Pets 2 – more animated high-jinks, starring Harrison Ford as a rooster.

Toy Story 4 – a road trip with the old gang and a new toy called Forky (very carefully enunciated).

Kabir Singh – a surgeon resorts to substance abuse when his beloved marries another.

The Polish Film Festival now screening in Perth 


Monday 8.30pm & Tuesday Noon, Fox Classics: North by Northwest (1959) – One of Alfred Hitchcock’s most playful and inventive adventure-thrillers. Advertising executive Cary Grant is mistaken for a spy (!) Car chases, plane chases, two excellent villains – James Mason and Martin Landau, plus Eve Marie Saint, Jesse Royce-Landis and a score by Bernard Herrmann. A bargain.

Monday 10.45pm Fox ClassicsRear Window (1954) - wheelchair-bound photo-journalist, James Stewart (left) whiles away his convalescence observing the activities of his neighbours in their New York apartments. He becomes convinced that Raymond Burr has committed a murder. Grace Kelly, Stewart’s fashion-model paramour, risks her life to prove Stewart right about the murder and wrong about her resourcefulness.  Hitchcock at his best, ditto composer Franz Waxman, scriptwriter, John Michael Hayes; and Thelma Ritter.

Saturday 11pm Fox ClassicsThe Invasion of the Bodysnatchers (1956) – a small town is taken over by aliens. Creepy, well directed (Don Siegel) thriller in Superscope. Not to be confused with the dull 1978 re-make.

Sunday 12.30am Fox ClassicsThe Heiress (1949, right), in 1890s NYC, wealthy, plain Olivia de Havilland is courted by fortune-hunting Montgomery Clift. She turns the tables on him. Directed by William Wyler.


Franco Zeffirelli (b. Florence, 1923, left), director famed for opulent productions (particularly his operas). He began his professional career acting in plays directed by Luchino Visconti, and was Visconti’s assistant on La Terra Trema (1947); Bellissima (1951); and Senso (1954). Zefirelli’s work as production and costume designer, and director for operas and stage dramas, led him to movies. His most successful were Romeo & Juliet (1968), Hamlet (1990) and a TV movie, Jesus of Nazareth (1978).


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