Thursday 29 November 2018

Vale David Young - Serious Cinephile and friend

My friend David Young died early this morning. 

His recently diagnosed cancer took him away with alarming suddenness. 

David worked in the Science faculty at the University of Sydney before his retirement, not that many years ago. Even before he retired he was a longtime, possibly foundation attender at David Stratton's film history class and at the WEA Film Group. Both before and,  even more, after his retirement he was a regular at the screenings presented by the Art Gallery of NSW, the Sydney Film Festival and many of the other capital city festivals. He was an enthusiast for cinema with a lot of insight into film history.

I'll miss him at next year's Cinema Reborn. He was one of our foundation subscribers and I suspect was at every one of the sixteen sessions we put on earlier this year.

I'll miss our conversations, his always gentlemanly bearing and his very enquiring mind.

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