Friday, 9 November 2018

A Happy Birthday to Film Alert 101 and a thank you to all the contributors in 2017/2018

On November 8, this blog had been up on the net for four years. In that time it has posted 1690 times and there were 536,225 page views. Average page view numbers were rocketing along during the year at various times. Some items had huge readerships from Russia, Lithuania, France and the UK. Something was sometimes happening  which remained mysterious. 

In more recent times the numbers have settled down to around 10,000 page views a month, mostly from Australia.

So... let me remember and thank everyone who made a contribution to the blog's over 500 posts in 2017/18. 

In alphabetical order there were contributions in some form or other from the following people: Martha Ansara, Colin Bennett, Max Berghouse, Lynden Barber, Rod Bishop, Noel Bjorndahl, Adam Bowen, Philip Brophy, Michael Campi, Fiona Cameron, Michelle Carey, Dominic Case, Lucian Chaffey, Ben Cho, John Conomos, Eddie Cockrell, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Adrian Danks, Mishy Dunleavy, Peter Galvin, Sue Goldman, David Hanan, David Hare, Paul Harris, David Heslin, Bruce Hodsdon, Peter Hourigan, Tina Kaufman, Simon Killen, David King, Alena Lodkina, Adrian Martin, Graeme Mason, Geoff Mayer, Joseph McBride, Neil McGlone, Adrienne McKibbins, Les McLaren, Tim McQueen, Mahalya MiddlemistFrank Moorhouse, Bill Mousoulis, Scott Murray, Sue Murray, Margot Nash, Peter Nellhaus,Nicholas Nedelkopoulos, Phillip Noyce. Barrie Pattison, Mark Pierce, Andrew Pike, Marion Pilowsky, Tony Rayns, Denise Robinson, David Roe, Mike Rubbo, Mark Savage, John Snadden, Mary Stephen, David Stratton, Simon Taaffe, Emily Taheny, Peter Tammer, Quentin Turnour, Fiona Villella, David Wadleton, Mike Walsh and Jake Wilson

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