Tuesday, 6 November 2018

The Current Cinema - The fourth post on LEAN ON PETE (Andrew Haigh) Opening November 29

Andrew Haigh’s Lean on Pete has already drawn much praise via posts on the Film Alert blog. You can find the views expressed by Rod Bishop, whose review you can find  if you click here and David Hare whose review is found  if you click here.

Having now had a chance to see a film which has taken its time to have commercial screenings after its première at the Sydney Film Festival, I can only endorse their support.

What somewhat amazed me is that a Brit, admittedly a very talented film-maker, could join the likes of Kelly Reichardt and Debra Granik in making films about lonely young people from the American underclass making their way through a journey involving much adversity. Haigh, like his confreres, chooses to make this in a region which is not normally somewhere that mainstream movies get made. Even the reminders that the locations are where Randolph Scott used to hang out are impacted by traffic and by unsympathetic and suspicious others, homeless people living on the edge, returned veterans and an overweight adolescent girl virtually chained to her grandfather by poverty.

The stills below indicate a film whose look is quite remarkable and which clearly benefits hugely from the work of DOP Magnus Nordenhof Joenck not a widely known name in the field. 

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