Wednesday 6 October 2021

Streaming on Vimeo - Watch for FREE - A strictly limited chance to catch up with three films by Paul Cox + Peter Tammer's documentary about the director.

Norman Kaye, Sarah Walker, Man of Flowers

The friends and family of Paul Cox invite you to a unique online film festival of three of his best films: Just click on the film titles to go through to a Vimeo link. 


Also Peter Tammer's interview film with Paul:

This documentary was the very first film screened at Cinema Reborn in 2018. These are the notes from that's year website:

Paul Cox made the leap from low budget dramas and documentaries into a sort of big time. It involved modest government funding for ambitious personal dramas that chronicled otherwise overlooked lives, byways. Cox was supported by a dedicated group of producers, actors, technicians, distributors and sales agents who combined to get his films front and centre with the world’s leading tastemakers – key festival directors, critics, distributors and exhibitors.

Paul Cox
Paul Cox

Paul and Peter were friends for life and they came together for a day in 2012.

Peter was accompanied by Kriszta Doczy. They filmed Paul and his partner Rosie for about 3 hours using Kriszta’s digital camcorder. Kriszta took stills and they shared the interview questions, with filming and recording by Peter. The interview was recorded on two 60 minute DV tapes and from them emerged the completed 60 minute film. Editing did not start until 2014 while Peter pondered how to deal with the material, and whether he should include other filmmaker friends from that period.

Peter edited the film with Nigel Buesst between February – October 2014. About one day per week every few weeks. While Peter is responsible for the concept for the film, the structure and the form, Nigel did make many valuable contributions, including providing some of his own stills from the Ryan/Bolte hanging days.

The edit was completed in October 2014 with additional help from Alix Jackson

During the film Peter, Kriszta and Paul talked about Cox’s childhood, his relocation to Australia as a refugee, his photographic business (the film title refers to a scandal Cox created at his Punt Road Melbourne studio) and his earliest films.

With the help of extracts from Paul’s early films the end result is a fascinating documentary in which two long-time friends mull over their lives. The only public screening thus far was at the Warbuton Film Festival which took place after the film was rejected by the Melbourne International Film Festival. Now here it is in Sydney – a tribute from one Melbourne film-maker to another who has now passed on, a deeply personal documentary involving two film-makers who have both contributed landmark moments to Australian film. 

The films will be available for three weeks only, until 24 October!
Don't miss this opportunity! and you can also click here.

         Visit the Paul Cox House in Albert Park

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