Tuesday 5 October 2021

On UHD 4K - David Hare wholeheartedly recommends IN THE HEIGHTS (John M Chu, USA, 2021)


I've just today watched In The Heights

I think it's terrific! 

Old Sydney mate Ken Wallin recommended it and I'm glad I took his advice. Formally it takes up the sung dialogue idea from Demy's Les Parapluies, but with big open air dance numbers and swooping camera, a la fifties Donen. 

Considering Demy and Donen directed some of the greatest musicals of all time that's no small compliment. 

I love the sweetness of it too, nary a white person in sight (thank god!) I don't think it did so well BO?? 

The UHD 4K disc is a stunner, completely engrossing.

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