Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Adrian Martin & Cristina Álvarez López launch MULTIMEDIA LECTURES ON FILM

Adrian Martin writes:

My partner Cristina Álvarez López and I have launched a new, independent venture: MULTIMEDIA LECTURES ON FILM, available to rent or buy through Vimeo On Demand. This is an entirely unfunded, non-institutional, non-corporate project; we are both freelancers writing, filming and editing these at home. 

These multimedia lectures are different from our separate individual website projects, and not the same as the video essays we have been making for the past 10 years. They are lectures, but presented in such a way as to incorporate split-second control of clips, stills, sound grabs, slow motion replay,  etc. They are pedagogical, but not rigidly or conventionally so; as always, we take a creative approach to film analysis. Cristina & I think of the project as a combination of the different skills we've explored this past decade: writing, public speaking, audiovisual essays, and DVD audio commentary. 

Each episode, 50 minutes long, covers one film in depth. The first one we released in September 2021 is on Nicholas Ray's THEY LIVE BY NIGHT (1948, above), and the next one, coming soon, is on Chantal Akerman's LA CAPTIVE (2000, below). A very diverse range of filmmakers and films is set to follow, at the rate of roughly a new one every 2 months – that is, if people actually pay to view them!

We've kept the prices pretty low, $8 US to rent (that means you can watch it once within a 48 hour period), and $15 US to buy (this means you have unlimited access to infinite viewings, but not to download – we need to protect our work!).

There's a trailer of the first lecture to watch for free, and all the purchase details, as well as the purchase itself, can be found here: 

Please consider becoming a spectator of this ongoing project; the pandemic period has decimated many paying outlets for freelance film critics like us, and so we are trying to generate some revenue using our own means and resources. Please support us, and spread the word to your friends and colleagues!

best cinephile wishes, ADRIAN MARTIN

Adjunct Associate Professor Adrian Martin
Film and Screen Studies
Monash University, Film, Journalism and Media

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