Tuesday 1 September 2020

Il Cinema Ritrovato Online (3) - Peter Hourigan is amused as he prepares for LIEBLING DER GOTTER (Hanns Schwarz, Germany, 1930)


I'll enjoy this film (Beloved of the Gods, German Poster above ) streaming from Cinema Ritrovato later today. In the meantime, I watched the lecture on it - and was diverted by the auto-subtitler. Many gems passed before I started listing them. But here are some.

The German Title (Liebling der Gotter) variously came out as:
Labelling the cutter

Living in the gothic

Libel negotiator

The star of the film was:

Emily earnings


Emmy yannick

ami yannings.
And once, even came through as Emil Jannings.

You know that actor. One of his films was Bowel Angle. Or was it Brower Angle?

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