Tuesday 29 September 2020

Books For Sale by Australian writers and Film Alert Contributors - Links to purchase E-Books and hard copies of publications by Peter Tammer, John Baxter, Tom Ryan, Geoff Mayer, David Stratton and Barrie Pattison,

Amazing to ponder that the Film Alert blog has posted a good deal of writing by some of Australia's best known critics and scholars.

Here is a rundown of publications currently available through various websites and in  various formats.

PETER TAMMER - POLES APART: The Search for Truth in Cinema - Commenced as a series of articles about the early origins of documentary cinema studying The Lumiere Bros, Robert Flaherty and Frank Hurley. Now comprehensively revised and rewritten with multiple live links to the very scenes being discussed. Now for sale as an e-book for $5.00. Click on this link to purchase. POLES APART

JOHN BAXTER -  FILMSTRUCK: A Life in the Movies & THE PARIS MEN'S SALON - Two limited edition, self-published volumes of reminiscence, memoir, criticism, history studded with Baxter's extraordinary knowledge and intimate connections with the film industry and its key players around the world. It is brilliant- magical. What a writer! So many memories rekindled - and so much that’s new to me .. and Mr B. writes with such style and wit.”  Phillip Adams

Hard Copies are available for delivery in Australia for $50 for the two volumes or $30 each. Contact info@cinemareborn.org.au E-copies of a Pdf download may be purchased for $15 each via Paypal if you go through JOHN BAXTER'S WEBSITE 

TOM RYAN - THE FILMS OF DOUGLAS SIRK:  Exquisite Ironies and Magnificent Obsessions. A major study of Sirk. "Tom has sought to return Sirkian criticism to origins through a meticulous reconsideration of Sirk’s complete oeuvre." Bruce Hodsdon. 

Available from Amazon Australia in three formats Kindle $31.82, Hardback $216, Paperback $39.85

GEOFF MAYER -  Encyclopaedia of American Film Serials 
From their heyday in the 1910s to their lingering demise in the 1950s, American film serials delivered excitement in weekly installments for millions of moviegoers, despite minuscule budgets, nearly impossible shooting schedules and the disdain of critics. Early heroines like Pearl White, Helen Holmes and Ruth Roland broke gender barriers and ruled the screen. Through both world wars, such serials as Spy Smasher and Batman were vehicles for propaganda. Smash hits like Flash Gordon and The Lone Ranger demonstrated the enduring mass appeal of the genre. Providing insight into early 20th century American culture, this book analyzes four decades of productions from Pathe, Universal, Mascot and Columbia, and all 66 Republic serials.
Kindle $26.99. Paperback 59.95. PURCHASE FROM AMAZON

DAVID STRATTON - 101 Marvellous Movies You May Have Missed Tired of trawling through movies you don't recognize on Netflix? Sick of reading short film descriptions that sound boring? Don't know what to watch next?

David Stratton introduces you to 101 movies that you probably haven't heard of, and tell you why they are worth seeing. 


Buy for $21.25 from BOOKTOPIA

BARRIE PATTISON - The Man Who Ate Films: The Life and Work of Michael Curtiz. Sydney's supercinephile brings an enormous knowledge and scholarship to a detailed study of the career of one of Hollywood's finest. Enquiries to mozjoukine@yahoo.com.au  

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