Thursday 17 September 2020

Cinema Reborn - Jean-Pierre Melville at the Randwick Ritz - The introductions are by....

Here is the list of the distinguished scholars, critics and film-makers who will be doing the introductions at the forthcoming Jean-Pierre Melville season starting on 4 October at the Randwick Ritz.

Sunday 4 October - LE CERCLE ROUGE/THE RED CIRCLE (1970, 140 mins) Introduced by Dr Jane Mills, Associate Professor, School of the Arts & Media, UNSW, Australia, Associate Editor: Fusion, Series Editor: Australian Screen Classics
Sunday 11 October - BOB LE FLAMBEUR/BOB THE GAMBLER (1956,98 mins) Introduced by Bruce Beresford, Oscar nominee, double AACTA Award for Best Director, Director of more than thirty feature films in Australia, the UK, Europe and the USA.
Sunday 25 October - LÉON MORIN, PRÊTRE/LEON MORIN, PRIEST (1961, 117 mins) Introduced by Max Berghouse Lawyer, film critic and film scholar
Sunday 1 November - L’ARMÉE DES OMBRES/ARMY OF THE SHADOWS (1969,145 mins) Introduced by David Stratton Author, Film critic, festival director and programmer, Television presenter, Lecturer in the History of Film, Continuing Education Centre, University of Sydney
Sunday 8 November - UN FLIC/DIRTY MONEY (1972, 98 mins) Introduced by Margot Nash Screenwriter, Director and Script Editor. Honorary Associate Teaching & Research in the School of Communications at the University of Technology Sydney.

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