Monday, 27 April 2020

Plague Times Diary (21) - Charles Band Chronicles - the story continues....advice from Film Club and Ben Cho

The subject that keeps on giving. 

One of Sydney's last remaining DVD rental stores, Film Club in Darlinghurst which reasonably describes itself as "The last, best video store" was asked about its Charles Band holdings. 

Proprietor Ben Kenny responded: "I’ve done a bit of searching and found 3 Charles Band produced titles in our collection - Ghoulies, Puppet Master Castle Freak

"I’m afraid we don’t have any of the films he’s directed, as much of his 80s output has never come out on DVD in Australia (sadly the fate of a lot of straight to video schlock)." 

A sad tale but if anyone wants to hare down the byway of Charles Band's 290 productions then Film Club's store at 136A Darlinghurst Rd Darlinghurst NSW (Phone: 02 9331 8105) is the place at least to start. 

Open 7 Days  11am - 9pm  

For collectors, Film Club usually has an offering of titles for sale as well.

Meanwhile, cinephile Ben Cho advises:"Can confirm I’ve got this (left) but have only ever watched the first one... I’m sure you could get in contact with Charles through Full Moon.....his brother Richard wrote the theme music for the great REANIMATOR"

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