Tuesday, 28 April 2020

FILMSTRUCK - A LIFE IN THE MOVIES - John Baxter's memoirs now published as a e-book

In an earlier post (click to link)  I mentioned renewing acquaintances with Paris-based Australian expat John Baxter and making plans for his participation in Cinema Reborn 2020. I went on to pay some tribute to  a newly self-published book of his memories of his life in film from early viewing, to his work at the Commonwealth Film Unit, trials and tribulations with the Sydney Film Festival and meeting such luminaries as Josef Von Sternberg, Don Siegel, Henri Langlois, and most notably Federico Fellini, about whom John wrote the only authorised English-language biography. 

If you read the piece above it gives you a link to buy a hard copy of the book from its local supplier (Moi). Details are simple and only require a transfer of funds into the Cinema Reborn bank account to get it done.

John has now put the book onto the internet for sale as a Pdf download, payable via a simple Paypal transfer. If this (cheaper) method of acquisition appeals then all you need to do is click on the following link for some details about the book and how to get it. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Here is the link

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