Sunday, 19 April 2020

Plague Times Diary (15) - Legendary Sydney Cinephile Tina Kaufman has some thoughts of films to return to.

I am NBN-less at the moment (long story!) so I am without streaming services or a decent internet.  I do have wireless internet which is weak and drops out often.  Hoping all this will be rectified soon.

Anyway, I drew up a list inspired by serendipitous things. 

A Brighter Summer Day– A Taiwanese stage director was talking on radio, mostly about theatre and music, but mentioned his old friend Edward Yang's "best film". I think his best film is Yi Yi, but I do like this one.

Blood Simple and Fargo- Because I heard Marta Dusseldorp talking to Jason De Rosso On Screen about her most inspirational actor, Frances McDormand.  I haven't seen Blood Simplefor ages, and after all the Fargocable TV series I'd love to go back to the original.

Withnail and I - SBS World Movies showed this the other day; I missed it, and although they usually repeat films several times at different time slots, they didn't with this one, for some reason.

Beneath  Clouds - Jason de Rosso, talking to Wayne Blair about the new season of Mystery Road, mentioned Ivan Sen, and I suddenly thought that I'd love to see this again.

Still Walking- I saw Hirokazu Koreeda’s Our Little Sister for probably fifth time the other day - I think it is the loveliest film.  I'd love to see Afterlife again, but that was already on Geoff Gardner’s list, so I chose this as the one I'd next most like to see.)

And just because . . .

Nostalgia for the Light; The Gleaners and I; The Night of the Demon.

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