Tuesday 1 January 2019

A new avenue into Australian Independent Cinema - Bill Mousoulis sets up an online platform

Bill Mousoulis
Editor's Note: Stalwart campaigner for Australian independent film Bill Mousoulis has set up a wonderful new platform to help independent film-makers find an audience.

Bill writes:

How hard is it to see alternative Australian film? Does one have to fluke upon it? Is searching through You Tube like being in a tip looking for some coins?

For what it's worth, on this page I embed a number of indie Australian films, for easy access by the viewer, you!

As the cliche goes  enjoy!

Tip: because I highlight only one or two works from each filmmaker, you can most likely find more of their work by clicking further on the clip (into their channel, etc.)

To see what Bill has done start by Clicking here 

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