Sunday 30 September 2018

Talkie Talk #31 - Adam Bowen alerts to the new movies and remembers actors Fenella Fielding, Dudley Sutton and Burt Reynolds


American Animals – highly recommended drama-doco about a heist. Not a groovy Oceans confection, but a thrilling, sobering story of deluded aspirations.

The Seagull– another movie adaptation of the Chekhov classic.

Life Itself– Oscar Isaac and Olivia Wilde travel life’s bumpy highway: from being college lovers to parents. Also starring Annette Benning.

Venom– sci-fi-action-horror starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Wiilliams and Woody Harrelson.

Bad Times at the El Royale– seven strangers with shadowy secrets meet in a rundown hotel (again)

Hello Mrs Money – crazy rich Asians, again.

Harmony: the 5 Frequencies Saga, Part 1 – Five orphans use their supernatural powers to save the world (again).

Paws Patrol: Mighty Pups – the Movie– dogs with superpowers.

Andhadun– the blind pianist plot gets a romcom mystery workout.

FAREWELL – screen luminaries who left us in September

Fenella Fielding- delightful English comedic actor, with lovely timing and an absurd, throaty voice. Most remembered for her appearances in Carry-On films, she was born Fenella Feldman, 90 years ago, and made her movie debut in a Norman Wisdom vehicle, Follow a Star (1959), as Lady Finchington; (she didn’t appreciate being groped by Mr Wisdom). She was popular on TV, in cabaret and in the movie farce Guest House Paradiso (1999) as Mrs Foxfur.

Dudley Sutton, The Pink Panther
Strikes Again
Dudley Sutton– English character actor; probably most famous as a reprobate antique dealer in TV’s Lovejoy. Early on he was often a menacing lad, and later, an eccentric or sinister senior. His prolific movie career includes The Leather Boys (1964); Fellini’s Casanova (1976)  Orlando(1992).

Burt (Burton Leon) Reynolds– affable movie tough guy star with a gift for comedy, but not for hairstyles. After more than a decade on TV and in B features, he made a major impression in Deliverance (1972). Heaps of A movies followed. He was successful as a good ol’ boy in Smokey and the Bandit (1977) and its sequels; and as a porn producer in Boogie Nights(1997). He was married to Sally Field, but according to her recent autobiography, was less than generous about supporting her career.


Editor’s Note: Adam Bowen is a long time cinephile and producer of ABC Radio’s Screen Sounds on ABC Classic FM. He has been sending out an email to friends and acquaintances noting what’s opening each week at the movies, and other things, dubbed Talkie Talk, which is now being reproduced, with pictures on Film Alert. 

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